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Scripture Prayer ~ Lectio Divina

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Scripture Prayer - Lectio Divina

Ask for the Triune God to come and lead you into truth as you open his Word.

Lectio (reading) is a listening kind of reading that patiently waits in trust for the Word (Jesus) to reveal Himself. Prayer means to open yourself. Allow yourself to be taken in by the words and be drawn towards the Word, Jesus Christ.

Read slowly a small paragraph or story from the Word of God.

Read the passage again, placing yourself in the story. Notice how you feel, what you see, what you smell, what you hear. Then keep your attention on Jesus to hear what He is specifically saying to you.

Rest in the words of Jesus for a few minutes.

Meditatio (meditation) This stage is our human response to God’s words. Ponder and ruminate, quietly savoring the Word. Think of Mary who “pondered these things in her heart.” Remember Jesus wants to reveal Himself, and pull you closer to Him. A question to ask yourself is “What does this Word mean for my life? What do I need to change?”

Read the passage one last time. Rest in the words of Jesus and his words to you.

Oratatio (prayer) This is the prayer of the heart. It’s unique, personal, honest and spontaneous, specific to the experience of encountering God in His Word. It can be abandonment to the will of God, like Mary: “Thy will be done.” It is a response to the Word from the center of our hearts. It may be in words, or even just a sigh of love. Having heard from God, this is your chance to respond.

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