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About Kelly Erickson

I am married with three grown boys and have twenty-four years experience in walking alongside others.  I love coffee, hiking, reading, gardening, cooking, and listening to friends.  My philosophy in spiritual direction is to invite the Divine to lead our time together.  I will listen for the Spirit's direction while I listen to you.  

B.A.  Wheaton College, Christian Formation and Ministry

M.A.  George Fox University, Masters in Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Direction Certificate, George Fox University 

Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA)

Enneagram Certified Instructor, Spectrum Training

What is a Spiritual Director, Coach, or Mentor?

According to the Evangelical Spiritual Directors Association (ESDA), a Christian spiritual director is someone:

• with a perspective outside of your normal circles.

• who reminds you of the basics—God’s love, care, and constancy through all of life’s circumstances.

• to stay awake with you on the road when you are spiritually weary.

• who keeps the faith when yours feels weak.

• to lift you before God while you struggle with issues that aren’t solved quickly or easily.

• to celebrate God’s work of transformation with you and for you.

• who values and loves you in Christ and enjoys giving you that gift in Jesus' name.

A spiritual director, coach, or mentor commits to following the ethical guidelines of the ESDA- Evangelical Spiritual Director's Association.  A spiritual director, mentor or coach will:

• not try to fix, save, persuade, or change you.

• commit to spiritual practices in her own life.

• be steady and know God is with us.

• have trustworthy boundaries.

• attend to her own biases, judgments, feelings.

• provide spiritual resources as necessary to support you in your journey.

A Little More About Me

Image by Peter Thomas

I do not think there is enough listening in this world.   So, I listen to God and to people.  I am a contemplative who loves to listen to God.  I journey with others, so we can learn to listen to God in each person’s life and in each person’s story.  Together, we are on the lookout for the Divine.  

I especially love working alongside others to provide a safe, sacred space of listening to one's soul, struggles, doubts, and fears. I think we often struggle to find that safe space to share whatever is on our hearts and minds, even our doubts about God. I journey alongside others, so we can learn to listen to the Holy One in each person’s life and in each person’s story. Together, we are on the lookout for the Divine.

Image by Marian Kroell

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